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Lighten Up, triptych 6″ x “6 x 1″d each equaling 18 inches long. It’s been such a long time since I have painted-I’ve been so busy since I am now in charge of exhibitions at the Jamestown Arts Center, RI. I’ve been dreaming about these paintings for so long, I needed to create them before they drove me batty. The canvases have been stained with black tea and then covered with a frosting like substance-light molding paste. The repetition of the motion with my fingers is very meditative and relaxing.




I have been working on a new series called Sky Sea. You are not sure where the sea ends and the sky begins or may be it is just a part of a wave? I am using a light molding paste that is quite fun to work with–it’s almost the consistency of butter cream frosting. The series is all quite small with each panel being 5 x 7 inches. You can hang them in a vertical or horizontal row or by themselves.