Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface, is another mixed media painting where again I have been having fun with repetition of movement and texture. This time there are varying shades of dark blue hues beneath the surface of white molding paste. We all have a lot going on “beneath the surface.”


Lighten Up, triptych 6″ x “6 x 1″d each equaling 18 inches long. It’s been such a long time since I have painted-I’ve been so busy since I am now in charge of exhibitions at the Jamestown Arts Center, RI. I’ve been dreaming about these paintings for so long, I needed to create them before they drove me batty. The canvases have been stained with black tea and then covered with a frosting like substance-light molding paste. The repetition of the motion with my fingers is very meditative and relaxing.

For Ida Lewis Yacht Club Benefit

acrylic on canvas
16 x 12

This is a painting I started working on in the Winter but just finished it yesterday for the Ida Lewis Yacht Club Benefit. My son called it “Unforgiving Blue.” Ideally, I would have painted something a little more upbeat but I’ve been working so much at the Arts Center, I haven’t had any time. So here it is, I think the sailors would appreciate how unforgiving the ocean (and life) can be.

 I haven’t been painting these past months because I have been curating an exhibition on 3D paper artwork for the Jamestown Arts Center, RI.  It has been awhile since I have curated, but am enjoying this creative process as well. The JAC is a fantastic and giving organization to work with and I am also so happy with the incredible group of artists. Please check it out at 




Image by Paula Mailloux

This is my painting "Light Above" projected on a 25 story building near the Citi Bank building in Long Island City. I was pretty nervous so none of the photos really came out. My husband, Jack got this one which was the best of the lot. There was also a gallery component and the piece was shown on a large flat screen TV. It was all digital and no worries of shipping and handling. It may be the wave of the future. I was just happy to participate.




I have been working on a new series called Sky Sea. You are not sure where the sea ends and the sky begins or may be it is just a part of a wave? I am using a light molding paste that is quite fun to work with–it’s almost the consistency of butter cream frosting. The series is all quite small with each panel being 5 x 7 inches. You can hang them in a vertical or horizontal row or by themselves.



14 x 20 inches

This is another commission for someone who has had a very trying year, to say the least. I wanted him to having something to look at on those tough days to show there is light on the horizon even admist the darkness.

20 x 30", acryllic on canvas

Infinite Horizon

This painting was a bit of a departure for me since it was for someone specifically in mind and is a landscape. I painted this for my friend Jennifer S. and thankfully she likes it. We have been through a lot together, living in both Paris and Southie together and many places in between. She has always be extremely supportive of me in the many walks of life. I wanted her to have something she could look at and see the infinite possibilities of her talent.